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July 21, 2011

Life lessons: Becoming an official adult — no degree for that.

Titling this post was difficult because I don’t know where to start. I’m about two months overdue for publishing a personal blog post, and the time that has gone by has been a whirlwind of life changes and learning. My brain is swirling with new ideas and thoughts — mostly from my new experiences in the short while that I’ve been a college graduate and full-time employee at a marketing firm called CAWOOD. The title you see isn’t perfect because it’s contradictory; my college degree was a major step in my journey of becoming an official adult. So, in essence, there is a degree accounted for. Oh well — moving forward.

I’m not sure where my evenings go when I get off work each day, but they go fast. So, here I am again, out of time to write, about to watch the 11 p.m. news before snoozing until my 7 a.m. alarm sounds (which still isn’t easy to be happy about after four years of typical days starting with 10 a.m. classes that I could attend in my yoga pants), and I’m off to another fast-paced day in the marketing world.

And, I love it.

So stay tuned for a more extensive post about what I’ve learned in the past two months — about public relations, marketing (yes, there’s a differentiation), full-time employment, cancer survivors, health and myself.

Thank you, CAWOOD, for throwing me a graduation celebration! They invited me to wear my regalia to the festivity, so, of course I did. Check out the company blog where this picture was posted.

A few teasers for topics in the next post:

  • Call me, “Lindsey Kate, the little dynamo”
  • Post-graduation fast track: Am I ready?
  • Communication: the rules and its powers
  • Based on all the coffee cups, this must be an official office
  • News matters, really
  • Working for a client, not a grade
  • Daily inspiration from strangers (and quotes on tea bag labels)
  • Lifestyle improvements – biking and whole food cooking

Details to come soon. Toodle-loo!