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July 29, 2012

One year, countless lessons, and more to come

Learning to appreciate transitions, like a tree grows and evolves with time and the changing winds. Oregon Country Fair 2012

For if we begin trying to read the ending, then we never know how to start. And, if I know one thing, you must start before you finish. And, while something is ending, something else is always beginning.

I’m getting all Dr. Seuss on you. Wrap your mind around it. The past couple weeks, I’ve been thinking these thoughts lots.

On August 1, I celebrate my first birthday — of my “big girl job.”

I’ll also rejoice for life in a new abode with three friends, after a year of studio apartment living on my own.

For the past 12 months, these two things have stretched me, taught me, tested me and shown me more about who I am, how I live and what I want.

Not that I’ve come to any formal conclusions about any of that. Nor that I won’t expand upon, re-define or refine any of that in the chapter that awaits.

And, isn’t that so fun?

Change. Sometimes, it’s hard to accept. The last year has included a few challenging transitions — mostly, saying goodbye to best friends who’ve moved away and adjusting to life in the “corporate office.”

None of these transitions have been altogether negative. In fact, on-the-whole, they’ve been positive. I’m just a nostalgic person and have a hard time letting go of good things. But guess what? More good things come around, if you believe they will and stay open to them.

Find the goodness in each day and more good will come to you. Can you tell I’ve become a yogi?

Let’s be honest: There have been some rough patches in the transition — some tear-filled conversations with mom, best friends and my boss. Feelings of anxiety, doubt or longing for something else. But this confirms I’m human, that I’m not perfect — and I’m OK with that. A big thanks to those who’ve supported me and for giving me a listening ear or the words I’ve needed to hear.

One of my soon-to-be roommates and I witnessed several “lifetime bests” at the Olympic track and field trials 2012 at Historic Hayward Field.

At the Olympic track trials a month ago, I witnessed several “lifetime bests” (which is, in essence, a personal best, but sounds more hardcore). Now, I have a new personal motto:

Strive to make every day your lifetime best. You can always improve, great or small, from the person you were the day before.

This sounds HUGE. Like an overwhelming goal that we should crawl under a rock and hide from. A lifetime best? Every day?

Yes, I say. Yes. Because each day has the potential to be better than the last. A Post-It note on my bathroom mirror displays a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

Which brings me back to change — ha! Each day, we have the opportunity to branch out, to grow, to evolve, to blossom.

And if we don’t tomorrow, let’s hope for the day after that.

On to the next chapter I turn. To living with roommates who are also young explorers of their dreams, and to our adventures together. To another year in the working world, in which I’ll continue to develop both professionally and personally.

To one day at a time, and enjoying the beginning before worrying about how it ends.

Up next: What the $#%! is PR, anyway? Stay tuned, and maybe you’ll find out. Or maybe not. It’s kind of vague.