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January 20, 2011

A Path to Perfection: Preparing for Success and Failure

Follow me as I frolic. Photo by Alex Levine

Hello, perfection seeking people (that’s most of us, I think, and definitely most “public relators”)! Welcome to my blog.

Almost Perfect PR will tell my journey as I explore the world of public relations. Join me as I learn from classroom experiences in University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication, work with Allen Hall Public Relations, past internships in nonprofit arts organizations, volunteer work for UO’s Relay For Life, and the ups, downs and whirly-rounds of everyday life. This blog will be my platform for discussing my learning as I travel down the path of PR – all things, perfect and almost perfect, considered.

I recently read a quote in a New York Times blog article called “Code Words for 2011: Play Happy” written by Women’s Professional Soccer player Yael Averbuch. It resonates with me even if I’m not relating it to sports:

“But without pain, there’s no pleasure. Without failing, there’s no success. I’m a perfectionist who’s not perfect.” – Ron Artest

That’s what this blog will be about – an imperfect person searching for perfection in an imperfect world (especially in the PR world, when people and relationships are our job). I’ll be commenting on failing and succeeding, striving for perfection but accepting imperfection, and most importantly, “playing happy” because if this journey and what I’m learning isn’t making me happy then why would I be taking it?